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Busy professionals demand learning options. We offer both customized private classes taught just to your team or scheduled public classes which work best for when you have just a single student or smaller group. Our hands-on courses are taught in-person either in a Live Classroom, or online with Virtual Anywhere or one of our Connected Classrooms. For students who cannot take time out for a live class, we also offer many Self-Paced elearning courses.


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This presentation will provide an in depth look at creating formulas and variables in your report.  In v4.3 SP 2 the calculation feature has changed. 
You will learn how to utilize formulas and variables with its new look.  You will learn how to  create string based calculations, numeric based calculations, and date based calculations.

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Today’s System Administrator wears a variety of hats. When considering what makes a good SysAdmin, we can distill down to 3 key elements: 1. Sound technical knowledge of the systems they administrate 2. Strong interpersonal skills to communicate and get along well with others 3. Understanding the management and procedural components of the organization
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