A Framework for use of Project Metrics

The Challenge It is standard practice for a project team or Project Management Office (PMO) to make use of project metrics to measure project health and progress. Measurements of project cost to date and status with respect to planned schedule are common. However, metrics can and should do much more. For example, we need metrics to measure PMO performance. Objective metrics are also indispensable for determining the true Business Value of a project after its completion. However, with hundreds to choose from, how do we choose the right metrics? Is it sufficient to simply use the "standard" ones? Which metrics are actually "standard"? The Solution This advanced project management workshop provides a rational basis for selecting metrics. These metrics can be used during a project, for post-project evaluation, for measurement of PMO performance or for any other purpose. Participants are shown a standard, easy to use tool and practice with it during exercises. They leave the workshop with a list of metrics that they can put to immediate use. A review of commonly used metrics and their appropriate use is included
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1/2 Day/Lecture & Lab
This advanced PM workshop is of value to Project Managers, managers of project mangers, functional managers with project responsibility, and PMO staff.
  • "Standard" metrics are often not the best choice
  • Before one can select metrics, one must know the questions that must be answered
  • Metrics used may change over the course of a project
  • Post-project metrics should be chosen before the project begins
  • The questions relevant to project success are not always relevant to PMO performance
  • Sometimes simple metrics are the best
  • Guidelines for selecting metrics

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