Active Defense Advanced Tools

This course provides the knowledge required to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for these aspects of information assurance. The student becomes familiar with the necessary tools, many of which are commonly found on the Internet. Many of these tools include freeware and open-source programs that provide as much functionality as similar commercial products. The student also gains the practical and technical expertise needed to implement enterprise security utilizing these tools. The student will learn how to perform self-assessments and identify vulnerabilities with the same tools their enemies use-and find solutions that fit-both their business model-and their security budgets.
Students should successfully complete ProTech's Active Defense of Enterprise Networks course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for IT Professionals responsible for the security of computer networks, administrators of IT systems and Security Consultants.
The "Triad" CIA::Confidentiality::Integrity::Availability::PKI, PGP::Certificate servers::Biometrics::Security issues with Wireless::Using the Active Defense Security Tool CD

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