ADABAS Database Administration – z/OS

Training Summary
This course provides you with the knowledge you need to efficiently run your ADABAS databases. You will acquire in- depth information about the technical administration and maintenance of ADABAS. Among other topics, you will learn to perform all tasks needed to define, maintain and monitor an ADABAS database.
  • Knowledge of the ADABAS architecture and functioning as acquired in the course "ADABAS Fundamentals"
  • Knowledge of z/OS operating system and TP monitor (Complete, CICS, TSO, etc.)
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for ADABAS mainframe system administrators.
Course Topics
  • Setting up an ADABAS database
  • Planning and setting up an ADABAS system environment
  • Fundamentals of ADABAS file design
  • File definition
  • Administration of the ADABAS system environment
  • Planning and execution of restart and recovery
  • Monitoring and optimizing the system environment
  • Problem analysis and maintenance
  • Storing concepts of spanned records and large objects

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