Administering the JBoss 7/EAP 6 Server

This course covers all the important administrative tasks that are required to administer this new version of JBoss AS. It starts with installation, architecture, and basic configuration and monitoring. It covers management using the new and expanded Web console, as well as the structure of the management model and how to use it via the admin CLI (Command Line Interface) and via scripting. It includes coverage of using the management tools to deploy and configure Web and Enterprise applications, datasources, JMS resources (topics, queues), as well as covering the configuration of the major subsystems, including the Web (HTTP), Web Services, Messaging (including the new HornetQ based provider), Logging, and Security subsystems. You will also learn the structure and contents of the underlying XML configuration files that reflect the actual configuration. The course also covers the use of JBoss in standalone mode (consistent with previous releases of JBoss), and explains the new domain model for managing multiple JBoss nodes from a single management point. The last part of the course delves into the details of clustering JBoss for high availability and load balancing, as well as going into the details of setting up and managing a JBoss domain with the new domain model.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • JBoss AS 7 Introduction and Installation
  • AS 7 Structure and Architecture
  • AS 7 Management and Logging
  • Interfaces and Socket Bindings / Port Configuration
  • Application Deployment
  • Subsystem Configuration
  • Messaging in AS 7
  • Security
  • Clustering in AS 7
  • AS 7 Domain Mode
  • Tuning JBoss AS 7

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