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Adobe Photoshop is a complex and expansive highly creative graphics software program. This course goes way beyond the fundamentals and focuses on using numerous advanced techniques to take a graphic artist’s career to the next level. Attendees will concentrate on working within the Camera RAW interface, color balancing, sensor dust removal, graduated filters, advanced cropping, split toning, vignetting and other effects to make images look stylized and professional. The course also covers combining multiple exposures for High Dynamic Range (HDR), using layers, masks, blending modes, tools and filters to combine different images. Lab exercises and instructive demonstrations will also cover the best techniques to capture images that can be stitched together well and how to use Photomerge to create full panoramas from multiple photographs..

Photoshop Fundamentals

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is essential for anyone looking to expand their Photoshop knowledge and maximize their creative talents

  • Camera RAW & HDR
  • Channels and Path Palette
  • Compositing and Blending Images
  • Extracting Images from Complex Backgrounds
  • Advanced Crop Options
  • Aligning and Blending Multiple Images
  • Layer Comps and Photoshop Scripts
  • Color Profiles
  • Sharpening Images with Filters
  • Text, Styles and Shapes
  • Actions and Automation
  • Displacement Maps
  • Using Smart Objects
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Special Print Options

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