ADO.NET 3.5 Workshop

Training Summary
This course covers the creation and use of Connections, Commands, DataReaders, DataAdapters, DataSets, etc, for query and update, both by coding and by using wizards; it also covers LINQ, the Entity Framework, and Data Services. Exercises can be done with Windows and/or Web applications, depending on the student's needs. All examples and exercises are in both Visual Basic and C#.
Students must have taken one of the .NET Programming courses in either VB or C#, and, if creating web-based database applications, ASP.NET Workshop. Students should be familiar with some relational databases. (Access, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Access, etc)
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course was designed for application developers who need to develop database applications in .NET:
Course Topics
Overview::Connections and providers::Reading data efficiently::Updating data::Creating, searching and updating DataSets::LINQ (Language Integrated Query)::Entity Framework

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