Advanced AngularJS (Custom for Capital One)

The Advanced AngularJS training course is designed to enhance your AngularJS coding skills. The course is customized to target developers who already have an understanding of AngularJS, but who want to learn things such as best practices for application organization, consumption of REST web services and testing of an application. This course is designed to enhance your JavaScript coding skills with the latest techniques. Following a quick review of JavaScript basics, the course explores JavaScript MVC, web storage, and object-oriented JavaScript. The course then transitions into discussing frameworks and APIs as tools for improving development cycles. Throughout the course coming changes with ES6 are discussed. This course will teach you how to build advanced web applications using JavaScript.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
  • AngularJS Review
  • AngularJS Best Practices
  • REST
  • Testing

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