Advanced Assembler Language

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Advanced Assembler Language

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This class is an advanced level course in Assembler Language programming. Topics include an introduction into 31-bit and 64-bit programming, dataspaces and memory objects, and other advanced techniques.

Students should have a good understanding of basic z/OS or OS/390 architecture and have completed Assembler Language Introduction or have equivalent experience as well as a minimum of 6 months Assembler experience. Students should also be familiar with using TSO/ISPF and JCL.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This class is intended for experienced programmers.

  • Storage Usage Options
  • GETMAIN/FREEMAIN storage management
  • Introduction to 31-bit addressing
  • Modal instructions and basic operations
  • Advanced Instructions
  • 64-bit mode operations
  • IARV64 services
  • Introduction to dataspaces
  • Access register mode
  • Integrating 24-bit, 31-bit, and 64-bit programs
  • Baseless programming considerations

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