Advanced C++ Programming

This course will teach the student how to solve problems arising from subtleties of the C++ language as well as techniques for improving performance and efficiency.
The student should have programming experience in C++ for at least three months to gain the maximum benefit from this course, although experience in other object-oriented programming languages may suffice. Experience with compiler is also helpful but not required.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for software engineers, programmers and analysts who have been designing and creating programs using C++ and desire a higher level of technical detail to allow them more flexibility and productivity when writing C++ programs. This course is also designed for anyone desiring the ability to read and understand complex C++ programs for maintenance or learning purposes.
  • Why object oriented programming?
  • A review of C++ and classes nested classes, const and static members, the mutable keyword, explicit constructors, pointers to members
  • Hidden class details
  • Resolution of overloaded functions
  • Operator overloading in detail
  • Streams-based file I/O
  • Multiple inheritance and virtual base classes
  • Protected methods the good and the bad
  • New-style casts
  • Template classes and functions
  • Exception handling
  • Run-time type identification
  • Namespaces

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