Advanced C++ Programming

This course features in-depth modules on templates, the Standard Template Library and exception handling that together comprise about 3 days of training. The remainder of a 4- or 5-day training can be customized by the client by selecting from the additional available modules Smorgasbord-style. The optional modules include advanced template programming, per-class memory management, Object-Oriented hierarchy design idioms, and more.
Students should have prior programming experience with C++. (A reading knowledge is rarely sufficient.) In particular, they should come to the course with familiarity with:-Class mechanisms, including inheritance and polymorphism (virtual and pure virtual functions);-The interchangeability of pointer and subscripting notation (pointer/array duality);-Working with structs/classes and pointers/references to structs/classes-Building programs from more than one source file
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • C++ Knowledge Assessment Quiz (Review of C++ Basics)
  • Recent Language and Library Additions
  • Template Mechanics
  • The Standard Template Library
  • Introduction
  • Generic Algorithms
  • Containers
  • Function Objects
  • Exception Handling
  • Memory Management
  • Copying, Conversions and Temporaries
  • C++ Pointers
  • Callable Entities
  • Template Programming Techniques
  • Hierarchy Design Idioms

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