Advanced CICS Programming Workshop

This course teaches how to design and code complex CICS applications. It covers the following topics menu-driven applications, temporary storage and transient data queues, transferring data using the CICS/JES spool interface, memory management, locate and move modes, field-level help, accessing system information, channels and containers, logical unit of work, and eBusiness with CICS.
It is assumed the participant is familiar with CICS basics and is capable of writing simple CICS programs. The participant should already be familiar with CICS command format, pseudo-conversational design, menu processing, main stream CICS commands such as LINK, XCTL, RETURN, SEND, RECEIVE.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers involved in writing/supporting complex CICS programs .
  • Overview
  • Storage Control
  • Browsing Files
  • Paging Transactions
  • CICS/JES interface
  • Field-Level help
  • Accessing System Information
  • Syncpointing
  • Channels and containters
  • eBusiness with CICS

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