Advanced ClearCase Administration

ClearCase is an enterprise level configuration management product which was adopted by many large organizations, both public and private, as part of the IBM Rational Suite. Because ClearCase is an enterprise level product, it has a rich and complex infrastructure that supports a highly customizable environment with a rich feature set. However getting the full power of ClearCase depends directly on how it is managed and administered. This course is a follow-up to the Introduction to ClearCase Administration course and touches on several of the more advanced topics. Emphasis during the course will be on working with ClearCase both Windows and Unix environments. A critical component of each module is a review of best practices for that topic as well a common errors that administrators make and how to diagnose and fix common problems. ClearCase is an end-of-life product with IBM encouraging clients to migrate to the newer Rational Team Concert platform (Configuration Lifecycle Management or CLM). The last module provides some insight in how to leverage existing ClearCase VOBs into a RTC environment or migrating existing SCM assets into other products. Almost all of the course is presented in a hands on environment where concepts are introduced through both theory and instructor led walk through exercises where students follow along on their own lab machines as the instructor illustrates techniques and ideas. At the end of each module, students work on individual lab problems to reinforce the skills they are learning.
The course is a continuation of the Introduction to ClearCase Administration course. Students are assumed to have a solid understanding of all topics and concepts presented in that course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for anyone either in or moving into an administrative role who will be managing or supporting a ClearCase installation, especially for those who will be working in a hands on manner administering the product. The course in not intended for ClearCase end users.
  • Review of Concepts
  • Triggers
  • Scripts
  • Access Control Lists
  • Audits and Reports
  • UCM Constructs
  • Administration Considerations for UCM
  • ClearCase Multi-site
  • Unix and Windows
  • Integration with Rational Team Concert (CLM)

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