Advanced Data Management, Governance And Stewardship

This is an advanced level course on developing innovative data management, governance and stewardship activities and structures. The course is intended for those who need to lead or initiate innovative programs, policies or projects to assess data governance, stewardship and management needs and then develop programs that respond to and meet those needs. The focus of the course is on innovation – identifying area for improvement with respect to how data is used, managed and regulated both within localized areas of responsibility and at the wider enterprise level. This course can be customized to include client specific governance, management and stewardship policies, procedures and activities.
Students should have Intermediate Data Management, Governance and Stewardship or equivalent knowledge.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for those who are tasked with assessing and improving an organizations data management, governance and stewardship polices, activities and structures
  • Identify areas where data management, governance and stewardship is lacking or needs to be improved.
  • Identify areas where data is not being used or managed effectively.
  • Develop innovate responses to identified business data needs and deficiencies in data management.
: Be able to present their responses effectively to stakeholders and champion and/or lead projects or initiatives to implement their responses.
  • Develop and present the business cases for recommended improvements in data management.
  • Provide input into the enterprise data planning processes

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