Advanced DataStage

The course is designed to bring a seasoned developer to their full potential to take advantages of the high-performance nature of the DataStage environment. Our course is designed around a number of concepts and scenarios. This is achieved by the following:Learning in a "Open Workshop" environment. Every concept is explained, demonstrated by the instructor, and then the student demonstrates the conceptA logical organization of discussion topics centered around "Concepts and Scenarios"Enhanced lab exercises based on real-world work scenariosGroup exercises meant to advance the learning environment and drive collaboration among students
One year relevant experience with IBM InfoSphere DataStage Enterprise version 8.1 or higher
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for the advanced developer who wants to learn better techniques for designing ETL architecture and jobs in the IBM InfoSphere DataStage environment
  • Designing a successful ETL architecture
  • Methods for Success for High Performance ETL
  • Data Modeling Workshop
  • Parallel Job Development Methods
  • High Performance Stages in DataStage
  • Identifying Performance Issues and Appropriate Resolutio
  • Performance Tuning Workshop
  • Sequences and Logic
  • Building a Sequence Tree
  • Review of High Performance ETL
  • Group Project Designing a High Performance ETL Architecture

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