Advanced ECL and IPF Workshop

Training Summary
This course is the obvious follow on to the Basic ECL/IPF Workshop and is designed to provide students with a more complete understanding and practical usage of ECL and IPF.In this class, attendees will discuss actual ECL runstreams from the attendee sites. The ECL portion of this class is heavily discussion based with live examples. In addition, certain standard, more complex, ECL statements are discussed. Attendees will be requested to email ECL runstreams to SUMMIT in advance of the class.The IPF portion of this course is for those who need or want to expand their abilities with IPF. Learning how to use IPF to streamline daily or periodic tasks, as well as learning to write commands in IPF is performed with discussion and hands-on exercises.
Prior to taking this course, students should have taken the Original ECL/IPF Workshop or equivalent.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for demand users, including system and application programmers, DBA's and others needing more extensive knowledge about ECL and IPF.
Course Topics
  • Explain the purpose of the Master File Directory (MFD)
  • Distinguish alternative Methods of Creating a Permanent File
  • List the Information From @PRT,F
  • List All the "in's and out's" of Mode X-USE
  • Explain ECL Conditional Processing
  • Define @RUN - @START - @ADD Differences
  • Print on a Local and/or Systems Printer
  • Retrieve Elements Marked for Deletion
  • Use correctly Miscellaneous Commands Including @ELT & @DATA
  • Create Default Qualifiers
  • Explain and use File Cycles
  • Explain IPF Function Keys
  • Define their Own Function Keys
  • Remember the Basic Procedures ENTRY$ & EXIT$
  • Debug Procedures Using System Variables
  • Get More out of User Assistance
  • Create and Execute a Procedure
  • Implement Command Language, including Looping/CASE/File Manipulation
  • Use String Related Functions/Arithmetic Functions/Misc. Functions
  • Design and Use Parameters with Procedures
  • Create Interactive Commands

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