Advanced IBM Rational ClearCase

Training Summary
ClearCase is the IBM Rational tool for automating source code configuration management and configuration management of other software and documentation assets. This course is a hands on workshop designed for those who are responsible for administering ClearCase in an enterprise environment. The majority of workshop focuses on the administrative tasks and functions of the administrator in terms of servers, VOBs and views giving the student a detailed understanding of the architecture, design concepts and principles of the product. In addition, since many of the problems that administrators deal with result from the improper use of ClearCase by users who are not following good configuration management practices in general and ClearCase recommended practices more specifically, the workshop will also expose the student to what are considered best practices in SCM by ClearCase. For example, problems with VOB and view storage can be due to expectations by users that ClearCase will "do" SCM for them instead of understanding that it merely automates their SCM practices. The goal of this aspect of the course is to help administrators identify which issues and problems, and their causes, are not administrative issues.
Before taking this course, students should take ProTech's Introduction to Rational ClearCase or have equivalent knowledge. Basic ClearCase usage and concepts will NOT be covered in this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone who will be supporting or administering using ClearCase or those who will be responsible for setting up and configuring ClearCase to support development or software support projects. This is an intermediate level course and does require previous knowledge of ClearCase concepts.
Course Topics
Introduction to Configuration Management.::ClearCase Administration::The ClearCase Registry and Regions::Supporting VOBs::Access Control::Modifying, Populating, and Moving VOBs::Managing Views::Implementing an SCM plan::Organizing The Project Artifacts::Implementing Branching and Administrative Tools and Functions::Restoration of CC Infrastructure

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