Advanced Informix Performance Tuning

Training Summary
The focus is on practical skills, procedures, and scripts to improve the performance of your database server. In addition to your new skills, the course will provide a toolkit of scripts and utilities to start monitoring and optimizing your Informix database server. The course is taught by Lester Knutsen and Art Kagel, Principal Database Consultants. This course has been updated for Informix 12.The course includes 12 hands-on labs with exercises for students to implement and practice the concepts taught in this class. The labs are taught as a performance tuning benchmark where students work on improving the performance of a base system.
Proficiency in SQL, UNIX commands and the vi editor is required.Hands-on experience administering an Informix server is helpful, or the following IBM courses or equivalent are strongly recommended: IBM Informix Dynamic Server Administration course (L1 846)Managing and Optimizing IBM Informix Dynamic Server Databases (FN 848)
4 Days/Lecture & Labs
This course is for Informix database administrators and application developers who will be responsible for installing, managing, optimizing and tuning an Informix Database Server.
Course Topics
  • New Features in Informix 12 and Informix 11
  • Introduction to Performance Tuning and Optimizing
  • Optimizing the Informix Server Configuration
  • Tuning Dbspaces, Chunks and Disk Layouts
  • Informix Server Monitoring Utilities
  • Managing Logs
  • Sizing Tables and Fragmentation
  • Using and Tuning Indexes
  • Managing and Tuning Update Statistics
  • Managing and Tuning Parallel Data Query
  • Optimization and Tuning SQL Statements
  • Performance Optimization of UNIX for Databases
  • Informix Server Monitoring Using the Sysmaster Database

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