Advanced iOS Training with iOS 9

Training Summary
This course will build on your existing knowledge of iOS development to prepare you to take advantage of the newest features and capabilities offered in iOS 9. You will also get hands-on experience working with some of the advanced frameworks available for Swift and Objective-C. This course runs 2 - 4 days, and can be tailored to meet your team's objectives.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for iOS developers looking to advance their skills and get up to speed with iOS 9.
Course Topics
  • Working with Multitasking
  • Push messages
  • Using CocoaPods
  • SQLite, CoreData and ORM managers
  • Mixing Objective-C with Swift
  • Performance profiling
  • CoreMotion
  • CoreImage
  • CoreAnimation
  • Storing information in iCloud
  • WebView and Safari View Controller
  • TextKit
  • Advanced Objective-C
  • Advanced Swift 2
  • App Thinning
  • Intro to watchOS and tvOS

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