Advanced JavaScript with DOM

This course provides indoctrination in the practical use of the umbrella of technologies that are on the leading edge of web development. Working within in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert web development team, attendees will understand:Complex and powerful Javascript objects and functionality How to traverse and manipulate the DOM and how to handle events in ways that work in all browsersClosures and prototypes and other exotic features of JavaScriptBest practices for using Javascript so that it works unobtrusively and performs well This course is "skills-focused", designed to train attendees in robust web development and design skills, coupling the most current, effective techniques with the soundest development and design practices. Throughout the course, students will be led through a series of progressively advanced topics, where each topic consists of lecture, group discussion, comprehensive hands-on lab exercises, and lab review.
Attendees should have previous experience or working knowledge of developing software applications. Basic HTML and CSS development skills are required. This is a programming class. Familiarity with an object-oriented language is helpful, and real world programming experience is a must.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This is an intermediate and beyond-level web development course, designed for experienced developers who need to extend their knowledge of web design and development.
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Working with DOMs
  • Javascript Techniques

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