Advanced JSP Development using JSTL

The Advanced JSP Development using JSTL training course is a follow-on course to the Introduction to JSP training course. This course focuses on the advanced web development concepts, design patterns, strategies and structures, and technologies found in a typical enterprise-class web application. The Advanced JSP Development using JSTL course begins with a quick review of JSP development concepts and concludes with the construction of a custom Model-view-controller framework supporting user authentication and authorization. Along the way, the course examines the Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) and the Unified Expression Language (EL).
ProTech's Introduction to JSP course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Review of JSP concepts and syntax
  • Web application design principles and patterns like: MVC (Model-View-Controller), Front Controller, Business Delegate, etc.
  • Web application and resource configuration using web.xml and properties files
  • Creating a secure web site using user authentication and authorization and SSL / HTTPS
  • Role-based provisioning of interactions and content within a web application
  • Managing application and session lifecycles through events
  • Simplified view development using JSTL and the unified expression language (EL)
  • Internationalizing a website using JSTL
  • Reusable component development with custom tag libraries
  • Testing and validating a web application for deployment
  • Packaging a web application for production deployment

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