Advanced Linux and UNIX Programming

This course is for Linux and UNIX software developers who need to rapidly master the advanced skills required to write C-language programs for both platforms. Focusing on both the System Call and the C-Library interfaces, this course shows you software interfaces that work the same on both Linux and UNIX: Standard File I/O, Device I/O, Advanced I/O, Processes and Threads, Signals, and Inter Process Communication.
Experience in Linux or UNIX, and in C Programming, is essential. The course assumes the student already knows either Linux or UNIX from an introductory point of view.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Linux and UNIX Common Programming Features
  • Standards ISO C and POSIXServices/Daemons (Background Processes)
  • Programs/Utilities (Foreground Processes)
  • Libraries (Shared and Static)
  • Makefiles
  • System Calls and the C-Library
  • Processes, Signals, and Threads
  • File and Device I/O
  • Async I/O
  • IPC (Inter Process Communication)
  • Network IPC

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