Advanced Minute Taking for Better Meetings

Minutes should serve as more than a record of who said what at a meeting. They should help organizations advance their goals and objectives and provide accountabilities. Building on the course "Minute Taking for Better Meetings," this day-long seminar provides participants with opportunities to craft minutes that focus on clear, concise writing designed to reach its intended audience - colleagues, board members, decision makers. Workshop participants will take notes in several mock meetings and write minutes in a variety of styles suitable for the audience. Active learning takes place in a relaxed and fun environment.Course participants will be encouraged to summarize their key learning points and prepare a short action plan to implement on their return to work.
This class builds upon the "Minute Taking for Better Meetings" course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is ideal for:Anyone who wants to move beyond the Minute Taking for Better Meetings coursePeople who have to produce a variety of minutes with tight deadlinesAnyone who wants to improve their minute-taking skills within a supportive environment
  • Clear Communication
  • Taking Notes
  • Producing Professional Minutes

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