Advanced Modern Web Development

The latest capabilities offered to developers by the modern web allow for immersive, media-rich, and tightly integrated experiences. This brand-new training course for experienced web developers will introduce you to latest tools, techniques, and features available, and show you how to use them in your projects. You’ll learn how to: use the latest APIs and techniques to build better experiences for modern desktop and mobile browsers; access device hardware and sensors to engage users in new ways; integrate your websites with native apps and native operating systems; and a whole lot more.
This course is for web developers with at least 6 years of experience developing for the web. To be successful, you should be comfortable writing HTML, CSS and coding in JavaScript.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for web developers.
  • Current status of the Web and the APIs
  • The new responsive world
  • New tools we need
  • CSS tricks: mobile-specific attributes, scroll snap, blur effects, scroll, position: sticky, and more
  • Responsive images and new formats
  • AMP: accelerated mobile pages and Facebook Instant Articles
  • Media and AirPlay APIs
  • Using Canvas for new tricks and effects
  • Hardware access: sensors, Bluetooth, the physical Web
  • Touch, gestures, pointers, and 3D touch
  • Intro to ES6 new features
  • Service workers
  • The offline Web
  • Push notifications
  • Home screen web apps
  • Native OS integration
  • Native app and website working as a team: app banners, credential sharing, custom URIs, app links
  • Open Graph

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