Advanced Parallel Sysplex Operations and Recovery Workshop - ES90G

Training Summary
This course describes advanced operator actions to implement new policies, coupling facilities, structures and sysplex related operational enhancements. It diagnoses problems and demonstrates recovery techniques in these areas. These include: Identifying HMC problems and recovery, including IPL problems during system and sysplex activation Recovery with and without SFM policies Couple data set failures CF and CF structure failures Labs are provided to submit jobs to format CDS, define policies, start and verify that they are working as desired, identify any policy change pending conditions and correct as needed. Labs take students through the required steps to implement ECS, GRS star, JES checkpoint, Operlog, Logrec, and SM duplexing on the CF. Students will also identify potential problems during the implementation process, identify various CDS and other sysplex related problems. Students will remove a CF from the sysplex as in the case of required maintenance to a CF, add a new CF to the sysplex and perform system and CF failure and recovery scenarios.If you are enrolling in a Self Paced Virtual Classroom or Web Based Training course, before you enroll, please review
You should have:experience with the HMC and the Parallel Sysplex environmentattended some previous sysplex class. Any one of the following Parallel Sysplex courses will provide the needed skill:Parallel Sysplex Implementation Workshop (ES42G) or(ES73G).
4.5 Days
This course is for operations personnel, tech support staff, and system programmers who are directly involved in the operation, system support, and software support of their Parallel Sysplex environment.
Course Topics
Use HMC classic or tree UI, create HMC groups, load profiles, and provide tips and recommendations for HMC use Initialize sysplex system images and identify problems reported via system consoles and the HMC Identify sysplex components, define resource and data sharing differences in relation to recovery options, discuss various configurations and system duplexing Perform related display commands to identify sysplex status and recovery actions for IPL problems during system activation Manage couple data sets, format CDS, define policies, and start and verify they are working as desired Implement configurations supporting GRS STAR, JES checkpoint, and ECS using structures in the CF Identify couple data set failures, CF and CF structure failures Identify policy change pending conditions and correct as necessary Remove a CF from the sysplex as in the case of required maintenance to a CF Identify and correct problems during structure rebuild process such as insufficient storage in the CF Add a new System z CF to the sysplex dynamically using a sysplex wide dynamic activation with Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) facility Perform recovery procedures with and without SFM policies Define Server Time Protocol implementation, terminology, and supporting configurations, Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems & integration

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