Advanced Perl Programming

Training Summary
This course provides advanced Perl coding tools that go beyond the basics. For the programmer that has mastered the basic building blocks of Perl, this course focuses on several common application domains (e.g. Networking, database access) . Perl best practices are also emphasized.
Students should have a solid grasp of basic Perl programming.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers who want to leverage their basic Perl knowledge into production-quality tools.
Course Topics
  • Shortcuts
  • Text Parsing
  • References
  • Using CPAN to access the Perl Library
  • Creating Reusable Modules
  • Objects in Perl
  • Exception Handling
  • Database Access
  • Network Programming
  • XML manipulation
  • Checking, testing, and distributing code
  • Developing GUI applications

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