Advanced Perl Programming

Training Summary
This course provides instruction in the object-oriented capabilities of Perl, including building your own objects, and using those provided by Perl 5, such as Perl's NET, Socket, POP3, SMTP, CGI, DBI::DBD, and Tk object modules. In this course, the student will learn to write Perl code that implements transportable Window objects, accesses mail servers, and uses relational database management tools.
Students should know the basics of Perl very well.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This is an advanced course for programmers.
Course Topics
  • Review of Perl
  • Pattern Matching
  • Review of Object-Oriented Technology
  • Creating Modules
  • Perl and Databases (ODBC and DBI)
  • Perl CGI
  • Forms Management Using CGI
  • Perl Network Layer
  • Perl Tk
  • X.Supplement What is an Object

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