Advanced Process Modeling I (APM)-Standards and Best Practices Workshop

Training Summary
This workshop provides hands-on training in the development of standards and best practices for process modeling. The workshop addresses naming standards, graphical standards, modeling notation usage, process metadata usage, and process model life cycle management. By the completion of the workshop, students will have had the opportunity to develop and document an initial set of standards and best practices for their specific work context.
Students should have taken the Introduction to Process Modeling course before attending.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
The course is intended for business and system analysts, who will be responsible for the analysis of business requirements and their encapsulation in process models.
Course Topics
  • The purpose and role of standards and best practices in the modeling environment.
  • Naming standards
  • Model look and feel (fonts, color usage, graphical properties of model objects)
  • Model and model object metadata definitions, usage and properties.
  • Usage of modeling notations and model object types
  • Standards for data-process (enterprise) integration
  • Best practices for collecting and modeling user requirements
  • Model management practices including template and dictionary practices
  • Process modeling life cycle including work team member roles and permissions.
  • Optional Overview of process model management with AllFusion Model Manager

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