Advanced Python (Custom for NASA JPL)

This training covers advanced Python topics as well as Web app development using Flask or web2py. Training Materials All attendees will receive a detailed workbook. Software Needed on Each Student PC • Any Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X operating system • Python 3.4 or later (Anaconda 5.x recommended) • A text editor or IDE (PyCharm Community Edition recommended) • Other tools as specified in detailed setup document
Before taking this course, students should have basic Python programming skills, equivalent to our “Introduction to Python” course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Python refresher
  • Advanced Classes
  • Context managers
  • Threads and concurrency
  • Generators and Other Iterables
  • Data Structures
  • Serializing Data
  • Consuming Data from the Web
  • Working with Binary Data
  • Scalable Python overview
  • Logging
  • Decorators
  • Python comprehensions
  • Functional Python
  • Using six for backwards compatibility
  • SQLAlchemy Overview
  • Flask basics
  • Practical Flask
  • Web2p

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