Advanced Python

The Advanced Python training course is a logical continuation of the Intermediate Python training course. Advanced Python begins with a quick review of some of the more prominent intermediate Python programming concepts, and then quickly transitions into an in-depth, hands-on examination of more commonly and less commonly used advanced Python features. Where the Intermediate Python course scratches the surface on multi-threaded programming, the Advanced Python course dives in deeply, exploring the nooks and crannies associated with creating high-throughput multi-thread solutions. Similarly, the Advanced Python training course explores the more advanced OO programming used in modern software development, like Metaclasses.
ProTech's Intermediate Python training course
3 Days/ Lecture & Lab
  • Review Key Intermediate Python Concepts
  • Advanced Python Syntax
  • Packaging and Multitasking
  • Python Database API to External Databases and Web
  • Network Programming
  • Distributed Python

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