Advanced REXX Programming

Training Summary
This course is designed to enable the attendee to write advanced REXX procedures which interface to the Operating System in various ways, including File I/O, the use of ISPF panels and dialogs, edit macros, JCL modifications, submitting JCL using the stack and the MVS internal reader and complex parsing templates using table variables. A direct focus is placed on advanced REXX coding and debugging techniques. The student will learn to create table arrays and the data stack to manage and sort data. The student will also be able to utilize the ISPF environment to control menus and dynamic areas, and to operate the edit macro environment. This course covers REXX interfaces to other MVS environments, such as CICS, DB2 and UNIX System Services. In addition, use of REXX in Object REXX environments is provided as an optional topic.
Students should have completed a basic REXX course, such as the ProTech REXX Programming in a Multi-platform Environment class or possess equivalent knowledge.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for REXX programmers.
Course Topics
  • Reviewing REXX Basics
  • Understanding the REXX Stack & Advanced Parse
  • Building & Using Subroutines
  • REXX and ISPF
  • Dialog Development
  • Edit macros
  • REXX and TSO/E
  • REXX and UNIX System Services
  • Object REXX-specific Functions
  • TCP/IP Socket Programming in REXX
  • REXX and VSAM
  • REXX and DB2
  • REXX and CICS
  • REXX and SAS
  • IBM REXX Compiler
  • Using REXX with Pro/JCL

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