Advanced Spring Framework

This course is designed for experienced spring developers looking to develop a deeper understanding of spring and how to integrate it seamlessness into existing enterprise infrastructure. The course provides an in-depth coverage of how the spring bean factory works, along with how it can be extended, and how to define custom XML namespaces for use with this spring configuration files. Students will also learn how to effectively use Spring Security to secure spring based applications. Also spring JMX and OSGI support is covered at a level to allow students to see how to make use of JMX and OSGI to improve their applications. For the experienced developers and team leads this course provides the breadth needed to make the key decisions about how to best utilize spring on current and future projects.
Students should have knowledge of spring dependency injection, Spring AOP, spring transactions, spring data access. Students who lack introductory spring knowledge can take an introductory spring course first.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for team leads, and solution architects who need an advanced in depth understanding of spring.
  • Spring Bean Factory in Depth
  • Custom XML Namespaces
  • Selecting a Spring AOP implementation
  • Spring Security
  • Spring JMX
  • Spring and OSGI
  • Architecting Spring Applications

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