Advanced Tools for AIX Performance Analysis - AN52G

Training Summary
Develop the skills to use kernel traces, trace based utilities, and svmon to measure and analyze CPU, memory, and I/O performance issues on IBM systems running AIX. Reinforce each lecture during extensive hands-on lab exercises and get practical experience applicable to their performance management requirements.
You are expected to have extensive AIX skills. These skills can be obtained by attending the following courses:AIX Power Systems for AIX IV: Performance Management (AN510) or have the equivalent extensive AIX skills
4 Days
The audience for this training includes AIX technical support personnel, performance benchmark personnel, and AIX system administrators.
Course Topics
Use the trace facility to collect data and create a trace reportUse the kernel trace facilities to analyze CPU performance issuesDescribe causes and impacts of high context switching ratesIdentify what causes a thread to be blocked and later woken upExplain the relationship between the output of svmon -G, svmon -P, and svmon -SCalculate the amount of memory in use on the systemExplain the relationship between svmon, vmstat, and ipcs outputCategorize the memory in use on the system by segment typeIdentify which processes are using the most memory or paging spaceDescribe the characteristics of asynchronous I/O, synchronous I/O, direct I/O, and concurrent I/OIdentify if the expected type of I/O is being executedTune asynchronous I/O, Systems w/TPS, Cognitive Systems, AIX / IBM i Market, AIX / IBM i, Software - AIX/Linux (not HPC, nor VA Linux)

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