Advanced Topics in PL/1

Training Summary
The student will learn how to use PL/1 language features for variable length records, subroutines, storage control, string handling and the preprocessor, as well as how to use the Linkage Editor / Binder for development and maintenance. Students will also learn how to place data above the 16MB line.
At the very least, the student entering this course should be knowledgeable of the fundamental language elements of PL/1, be able to code and implement an application in PL/1, be comfortable with the text editor you use, and be able to code JCL to run batch jobs.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for experienced PL/1 programmers who need to use the more advanced features of the IBM Enterprise PL/1 compiler in the z/OS environment.
Course Topics
String handling
  • PL/1 compiler options
  • Subroutines
  • Fetch / Release
  • Variable length records
  • Storage classes
  • Locate mode I/O
  • List processing techniques
  • Condition handling
  • The preprocessor
  • Tuning and performance
  • Extended addressing capabilities
  • PL/1 compiler inputs and outputs
  • PL/1 compiler cataloged procedures
  • Stream I/O
  • Multi-threading

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