Advanced Unisys COBOL Programming Workshop

This course provides an in-depth study of selected advanced (UCOB) topics. This course emphasizes all topics with hands-on workshop for the students.
The prerequisite for this course is ECL and a standard Unisys editor (such as IPF) Intermediate COBOL Programming course or equivalent.
5 Days/Lecture & LAb
This course is designed for COBOL programmers.
  • Create and Use MULTI-DIMENSIONAL Tables
  • Correctly use SET, SEARCH, and SEARCH ALL
  • Load and Write Tables
  • Create and Use COBOL "copy" Procs
  • Create and Use Subroutines/Subprograms
  • Pass Data in/out of Subroutines using LINKAGE SECTION
  • Pass Data in/out of Subroutines using COMMON-STORAGE SECTION
  • Use the String Manipulation Commands
  • Understand the format and purpose of the Run Condition Word (RCW)
  • Pass information to/from COBOL and ECL using the RCW and @SETC/@TEST
  • Correctly use the Intrinsic Functions

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