Advanced Web Development with ColdFusion

Training Summary
ColdFusion is the award winning rapid application development system that integrates database, electronic mail, browser and web server technologies into web applications. In the course, the student will learn to take advantage of interactive debugging, exception handling (error trapping), background processing, custom tags enhancements, and other advanced features of ColdFusion 5.0.
The student must have attended an introductory ColdFusion course and have several months of experience with the product.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for those responsible for the development or support of a web site.
Course Topics
  • ColdFusion debugging
  • ColdFusion data structures
  • Exception handling
  • Custom tags
  • Installing and using external objects
  • Distributed web architecture
  • Full text searching with verity
  • Background processing
  • ColdFusion security
  • Advanced SQL queries
  • SQL fundamentals
  • Upsizing to SQL
  • SQL security and ColdFusion
  • Using SQL views and stored procedures

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