Advanced WebSphere 6.X Administration

As a WebSphere administrator, you are responsible for deploying Enterprise Applications. However, the responsibilities do not end there. The administrator is also responsible for modifying and reconfiguring applications, setting up security, tuning for performance and workload management, etc. We go through some of the advanced feature sets available with the 5/6.X version of WebSpehere.
Students should have basic understanding of Internet technology and Server systems and be familiar with WebSphere Application Server and should have taken the basic WebSphere 6.0 Administration course or equivalent.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for System Administrators and Enterprise Application Developers.
  • Migrate between WebSphere versions
  • Modify the EARs
  • Set up SSL
  • Set up Web Services
  • Use JMS and JavaMail
  • Understand J2C
  • Use advanced performance tuning steps
  • Use advanced clustering topics
  • Modifying Resource Mappings using the Console
  • Looking inside Archives
  • Security and SSL
  • Web Services
  • JMS and JavaMail
  • J2EE Connectors
  • Performance Tuning
  • Clustering Topics

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