Advancing & Scaling Agile

Upon completion of the Agile& Scrum Foundations Workshop, many organizations consider what would be the next logical and best step. These same organizations often become complacent or stagnant in their implementation of Agile due to failure in understanding what items to tackle next as part of accelerating their Agile understanding. Beginning Agile teams should attend Agile & Scrum Foundations as a Prerequisite to this training. This course is designed for teams who have the foundational Agile understanding in place and are looking to advance their Agile understanding and delivery. The workshop uses no slides or workbooks and is heavy on exercises designed to help teams identify weak areas and apply advanced Agile to solve them. We also cover a number of best Agile scaling practices.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for agile teams who already have a foundational understanding of Agile principles and have completed the Agile & Scrum Foundations Course that are ready to dive much deeper and practice advanced Agile concepts in preparation to best apply what they have learned.

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