AEM 6.4 Basic Developer

Develop Websites and Components in Adobe Experience Manager v6.x (formerly known as AEM Sites: Developer), is a three-day course, instructor-led (in classroom and virtual), that teaches the fundamentals of building a custom website based on templates and components. It provides conceptual information on JCR, web framework, and OSGi framework. Using CRXDE Lite, students will develop a custom website while reinforcing the fundamental concepts, such as components, templates, dynamic image rendering, navigation, and modularization. It also covers responsive design with hands-on activities. This course has deep coverage on Sightly, the templating language that helps front-end developers to quickly develop components.
Before taking this course, participants must have a minimum two years of experience in web development. Additionally, they would require the following skill sets:
  • Experience in HTML, CSS, DHTML
  • Java (optional)
  • JavaScript in client side environment
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for developers who want to learn more about application development with Adobe Experience Manager Sites.
Introduction to AEM
  • AEM Environments
  • Rummode
  • Architechture Stack of AEM
  • JCR – Content Repository
  • Introduction to Authoring Basics for Developers
  • Tagging
  • Fundamentals of AEM Development
  • Creating Templates, Pages, Components & Dialogs Templates
  • Pages
  • Components
  • Dialogs
  • Introduction to Sightly
  • Client Libraries
  • Sling Resolution
  • Query Builder Servlets
  • Workflows
  • Replication

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