Agile Essentials for Developers

Training Summary
This course will provide practical guidance for projects applying Agile practices for building valuable software. It will give advice on Scrum planning, development, delivery, and management. It will also provide a complete view of the Agile development process. An ISO project will be used as the workshop example. This course teaches how to use Scrum and XP practices, describes each practice in detail, then discusses principles that will allow the modification of XP and the creation of a custom Agile method
Some development experience would be helpful.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for agile team members, including Business Professionals, Developers, Quality Assurance, and Project Leaders.
Course Topics
Why Agile?::How to Be Agile::Understanding XP::Planning::Developing::Collaborating::Releasing::XP Mindset::Appendix A: Values and Principles::Appendix B: Improve the Process::Appendix C: Rely on People::Appendix D: Eliminate Waste::Appendix E: Deliver Value::Appendix F: Seek Technical Excellence

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