Agile Fundamentals Boot Camp

Training Summary
During this bootcamp, attendees will gain a deep and broad understanding of the fundamentals of Agile, and come away with a working knowledge of the two most productive and popular frameworks in use today; Scrum and Kanban. Attendees will also get an in-depth understanding of the roles and mindset shifts that need to occur to ensure they are successful implementing agile. Most of this course is taught through hands-on activities that simulate what attendees will experience when they implement Agile in the real-world
All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. This course is fundamental in nature, and is appropriate for anyone looking to gain a broad and deep understanding of Agile and the most popular frameworks (Scrum and Kanban) that support it
1Day/Lecture &Lab
This course is designed for:
  • Development teams, and the people who support them
  • QA and QC teams and the people who support them
  • Non-development teams; infrastructure, Operations, Sustainability, and the people who support them
  • Business people looking to apply agile to their business processes
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Product and Product Line Management
  • Portfolio Managers, PMO, and Process Leads
  • Enterprise, System, and Solution Architects
Course Topics
  • Why Agile – The case for change
  • Becoming Agile
  • Understanding Agile Values and Principles
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Experiencing Agile Planning and Iterative Execution
  • What is Scrum? Deep dive into the values, roles, artifacts and ceremonies
  • Lean principles and Flow
  • Kanban simulation
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Building a Continuous Improvement culture
  • So what and now what?

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