Agile & High Speed Software Testing

This workshop turns traditional testing classes upside down. Instead of discussing traditional techniques that break down when the pressure is on or taking a purist view towards testing, well look for ways to maximize each testing investment to ensure the most critical areas are properly covered. By working with stakeholders to ensure that they fully understand and support the inevitable trade-offs. And by using flexible techniques that spend more time testing and less time talking about it. A big part of facing the speed challenge involves using tools and/or developing automation that lessens the overall time impact of running tests. Beyond manual techniques, we also explore specific tools that you can use to reduce your testing burden, saving you time in setup or administration while automating some of your most time consuming tasks. This course will to introduce you to Agility and Speed in your testing. Although we wont have the time to explore every technique deeply, you will leave armed with ideas, techniques, tools, and references so that you can bring these lessons back to your teams and create a culture of Agile - Fast - Adaptive testing that will endure.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Introduction
  • Lean Testing
  • Context Based Testing
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Testing Techniques
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Risk Based Testing
  • Pareto Based Testing
  • All Pairs Technique & Tool
  • Little 'a'utomation
  • Testing in an Agile Team
  • Profile of the "Agile" Tester
  • Use of Tracking, Managing & Reporting to Lay the Foundation for Regression Testing

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