Agile Primer

This course is a very interactive curriculum that focuses on the development team in an iterative, agile software development process. Comparisons and contrasts of traditional waterfall project management versus an iterative approach are discussed, with emphasis on the business justifications for adopting the iterative approach. Through numerous examples and exercises the students will experience applying agile techniques for estimating and planning a case-study project. The students will learn how to partition a project into iterations, define the content and duration for each iteration, and staff the iteration based on the project phase. Examples of project change will be incurred, and the students will explore how to revise the project plans. The students will obtain a thorough understanding of the major iterative, agile processes currently in practice: Scrum, agile Unified Process and Extreme Programming.
Experience in software development, project management, business or systems analysis, or requirements gathering are desirable, but not mandatory.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Project Managers, business or system analysts, technical managers, and software developers who wish to learn iterative, agile skills.
  • Project Management & Process Management
  • The Process Decision
  • Guiding principles
  • Iterative/Agile Process Profiles
  • The Affect on Stakeholders
  • Iteration Planning
  • Project Estimation
  • Managing Change

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