Agile Quality Assurance and Testing

Agile development processes place both added importance as well as special demands on your software quality assurance (SQA) practices. As an integrated part of the agile team, testers participate in the full life-cycle from requirements through release. While many of the principles and practices of software quality assurance apply, anagile approach requires some news ways of viewing testing activities in the development process. Through a combination of lecture, group discussions and hands-on exercises, this course provides your team with the knowledge and expertise needed to integrate QA as an effective, high-performance part of your agile process
A basic familiarity with software quality assurance is assumed.
One day
This course is designed for agile team members who will be adopting agile processes and working as part of an agile development team, including software quality assurance managers, engineers, analysts and testers.
  • A Brief Tour of Agile Processes and Practices
  • The Contribution of Testing in Agile Processes
  • Testing in the Agile Process Cycles
  • The Role of Testers on the Agile Team
  • Types of Testing in an Agile Environment
  • Configuration Management for Testing
  • Testing Strategies for Architectural Components
  • Test Metrics for Agile Processes
  • Test Automation and Tools
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Agile Testing for Legacy Systems
  • Addressing Challenges in Agile Testing

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