Agile Risk-Based Proactive Testing

Training Summary
Agile development on the one hand emphasizes integrating especially automated testing with development. On the other hand, though, Agile teams often lack key testing processes and important test planning, design, execution, and management skills. Without them, testing can be neither effective nor efficient. Agile’s narrowly-focused short iterations aggravate but also mask such weaknesses. Projects benefit when cross-functional teams include skilled testing specialists and also when all members suitably understand effective testing processes and techniques. This interactive course introduces the powerful Proactive Testing methodology that enables you to do more effective testing in less time than traditional reactive testing, while also helping overcome traditional user, manager, and developer resistance. Applying special techniques that spot many of the highest yet ordinarily-overlooked risks, Proactive Testing truly “puts Agile testing on steroids.” After a thorough grounding in Proactive Testing, concepts are extended to Agile’s test-driven approaches. Participants practice each key concept/technique with a real case fact situation.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course has been designed for developers, testing professionals, subject matter specialists, managers, and others who need more effective testing in Agile or other projects.
Course Topics
  • How testing can cut effort & time
  • Test planning value not busywork
  • Detailed test planning
  • White box (structural) testing
  • Test design: both verb and noun
  • Managing test execution
  • Agile, user story fundamentals
  • Requirements are requirements—
  • Or maybe not
  • Writing more suitable user stories
  • Test-driven development
  • User story acceptance tests

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