Agile Testing with Acceptance Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Design

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Agile Testing with Acceptance Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Design

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The pattern repeats itself every day. Many teams implement Scrum or other iterative practices in their quest to be Agile. Initially it appears to work great as the team can just go fast. But, just as quickly as they got started, they discover that they can no longer go fast—that the architecture has devolved, the code is a mess and the team starts to discuss “technical debt” as the reason they are no longer as Agile as they could be.

The reasons for this are many, but if we apply the same practices we’ve always used we’ll find ourselves in trouble sooner, rather than later.

And yet we know that some teams are developing complex software and deploying quality releases. In some cases, many times a day. So what is it that these teams know and other teams wish they knew?


The two-day course for Product Owners, QA Professionals and Developers will teach you what it takes to create quality while building the right product that can support change. We’ll learn how teams new to Agile create technical debt like a leaky faucet and what we can do about it. We will learn about modern ways to “bake quality in” to our products and why practitioners feel these techniques will save “Agile.”

To get the most benefit from this course, you should have a desire to improve.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for product owners or non-technical business stakeholders, developers and tasters, as well as anyone interested in learning the craft of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to attend.

Introduction to Agile Testing

  • Technical Debt in Agile
  • Specification” or “Test”?
  • ATDD, BDD and TDD Explained
  • BDD in the Agile Context
  • New Role for QA
  • Introduction to Domain Driven Design
  • Specification by Example
  • Mastering Cucumber
  • Cucumber Best Practices
  • Continuous Integration
  • Publishing Tests: Single Source of Truth
  • Non-Functional Requirements and BDD
  • Agile Test Orchestration
  • Evolutionary Database

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