AIX Fundamentals and Scripting

This class introduces users to the AIX operating system. The class focuses on fundamental commands and constructs needed for day-to-day operation of AIX based machines. Participants will attain the skills necessary to operate confidently and efficiently in a command line environment, monitor the system, edit files, and build fundamental shell scripts.After heavy practice with the above topics, the student will move into intermediate shell scripting and advanced AIX topics. Lab work will include automating routine tasks, setting up job dependencies, writing administrative maintenance routines, and daemon processing.Class can be taught on any version of AIX.
Exposure to a command line computing environment is recommended.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for AIX users, administrators, and programmers.
  • Overview of AIX
  • The Process
  • The Shell
  • The File System
  • The vi Text Editor
  • The Environment
  • File Processing and Regular Expressions
  • Miscellaneous Commands
  • Communicating With Users and Processes
  • Introduction to Korn Shell Scripting
  • Intermediate Shell Scripting
  • Advanced Korn Shell Scripting

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