AIX Systems Administration II

This course is a follow-up to System Administration I. In this course, the student will learn how to configure and manage a typical AIX system in a standalone environment, including troubleshooting and problem determination of the boot sequence and basic performance issues.
Students should be familiar with commands, directory structure, and the text editor. The largest value is obtained when the student has been working as a system administrator for approximately 4 to 8 weeks, or has completed the AIX System Administration I course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for System Administrators who are already familiar with the AIX Operating System, but desire more detailed and specialized information.
Understanding the ODM::Boot Sequence and Problem Solving::Disk Management Theory and Practice::Backing Up Volume Groups::Online File System Backups::Error Log and the Syslog Daemon::Using Diagnostic Tools::Working With the Dump Facility::Basic Performance and Workload Management::Basic Security

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