AIX Systems Administration Performance Concepts and Analysis v7.2

This course is designed to teach performance concepts relating to UNIX systems (IBM AIX pSeries and RS/6000 hardware platforms), and to use these concepts to develop a tuning methodology to monitor, interpret, and adjust mechanisms that affect performance. The course will develop the skills to measure, analyze, and tune AIX subsystems for optimum performance. The course will also show how to use standard AIX performance tools (sar, iostat, vmstat, and trace), along with advanced AIX performance tools (tprof, svmon,filemon, monitor, and nmon).
It is assumed that the student has experience with interactive UNIX systems with user-level commands, basic shell or PERL scripting techniques, and essential systems administrator functions.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Performance Basics
  • Memory Management
  • CPU Management
  • I/O Management
  • Network Management
  • NFS Performance
  • X-window basics and implementation
  • Modification of Performance Parameters
  • Summaries

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