AIX Systems Administration

This course combines lectures and hands-on exercises that teach the skills necessary to install and manage AIX Version 5.3. It includes basic system management concepts appropriate for new administrators, as well as AIX-specific topics appropriate for those experienced in managing other UNIX systems. The course can be customized to include topics associated with managing AIX Version 5 implemented on the SP/6000 system.
The student must have a working familiarity with the UNIX operation system, including experience using the vi editor, navigating the hierarchical file system and using basic commands.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for new and experienced UNIX system administrators who will manage the AIX operating system.
An introduction to system administration::The system management interface tool::Managing users and groups::Managing devices::The AIX queuing system::File system concepts::The journaled file system::CD-ROM file systems::The logical volume manager::Backup and restore::Managing paging space::Installing AIX Version 5::System startup/shutdown::Basic problem determination

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